FREE LIVE eVENT: Presented by Melissa Ricker - Marketing Funnels + Offer Creation Strategist
FREE live event
Create a live challenge funnel to attract and close high ticket clients into your group coaching program in 10 days or less!
This free event Will Be Held...
Nov 16-18, 2020
The #1 secret to selling out a high ticket program is having a high ticket invitation. 
Here is where your live challenge funnel comes in ...
here are 3 ways this event will change your life forever:
Life changer #1
My EXACT FORMULA for Choosing a Challenge Theme that will Attract HIGH TICKET Clients, Keep their Attention and Lead them Straight into the Sale!
Life Changer #2
The EXACT FLOW of your entire HIGH TICKET FUNNEL STEP BY STEP ... all the way from Opt-in to Daily Live Topics to the Sales Process (I'll even give you my funnel template)
Life Changer #3
How to Structure your Live Pitch (Including the Exact 3 Things you Must Include)so it will Speak Directly to the High Ticket Mindset and Lead to Sales from only the BEST clients
Melissa Ricker
Digital Marketing Strategist
About your host:

Hiya, I'm Melissa.

I grew my business from Nada to Alotta in just six months time ... after I learned how to leverage my offer strategy (cuz hello scalability) ... AND how to fill those offers with high ticket clients (cuz hello profitability). 

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create their own high ticket selling machines! If you are ready to work with only the best clients and get paid a lot to change their lives, join me for my free 3 day live event. You'll walk away with your own live challenge mapped out and strategically designed to fill your high ticket group coaching program. 

Disclaimer - This event is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to growing your online coaching, consulting or infoproduct business. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the event, a program will be offered for purchase.
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